Everybody helps in our company

Our organization is designed to serve our customers. This way you can be in contact with any of us, we will assist you in all your marine logistical requirements!
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Managing Director
Timo Lehtinen
Operations Director (Pietarsaari/Jakobstad)
Pauli Rautiainen
Management Assistant
Brita Ranta


Financial Director
Maija Heikkilä
Invoicing, accounting (Jakobstad/Pietarsaari)
Carina Samulin-Knippare

Data administration

Personnel Administration

Euroports Finland Oy
Euroports Rauma Oy & Euroports Logistics Oy
Hakunintie 23, PL 68
26101 Rauma
Tel: +358 2 831 21
Port of Rauma/Service center
Hakunintie 28
26100 Rauma
Tel: +358 44 4213 331, +358 44 4213 382 (containers)
Euroports Pietarsaari Oy Ab
Alholmsvägen 80, POB 50
68600 Jakobstad / Pietarsaari